Saturday, 18 February 2012

A funny sort of peace

Since I'm on a bit of a wonder through Thatcherism at the moment.

One of the commonest bits of praise you hear about her; well from those who like her, growing up in South Wales I've met a fair few people who don't have a great opinion of her for reasons you can probably guess (hint: the whole mine closing thing didn't go down well). Anyway she's credited with being the first to have the testicular fortitude to really take on the unions.

Which is a bloody odd idea if you even take half a glance at the situation before she came to power. Heath had the three day week and the infamous "who governs" election, Callaghan even more famously had the winter of discontent to deal with.

If they weren't going to war with the unions then it didn't look much like peace.

Praise Thatcher for winning, but don't pretend she was the first to go into battle.


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  2. The elites used the unions as a way to stop others from making money, and they used the threat of strike, or actual, to manipulate markets unseen. Their long term aim is the destruction of nation states as political entities and as whole economies. The closing down of whole sectors such as coal mining in Britain is typical of their game, creating international dependencies, which they can use to gain control.

  3. The Rothschilds are taking over world coal production, and need to get markets. Closing down production where they want to sell is part of this strategy.